Sunday, June 25, 2017

Are Printed Photographs Obsolete?

Photos bring memories to life.
My son and his wife don't print their photos. They upload them to a webpage that they can share with friends and family. Great way to share with a lot of people but what happens one day when the internet becomes obsolete or their webpage is hacked? I know so many that say they don't need to print photos, they have them handy wherever they go on their phones. Have they never had a phone die on them or their cloud account get too full?

We have this marvelous tool called a camera to record our history yet how many of today's photos will disappear as technology changes?

I found an article which expresses my feelings about not printing photos better than I can. Please check out what Mike Yost has to say.

Photos help us to remember.
I admit I don't print all of my photos. I take to many, storage would become an issue. However, if I care enough to take pictures of something, then I care enough to print and scrapbook at least some of the photos from that moment in time. What do you do with your photos? Do you print them?

Monday, December 5, 2016

Share Your Story

Don't make your life a mystery.
Do your kids know your story? I remember as a kid, my dad talking about the things he did as a boy and my mom shushing him. She would tell him don't give us any ideas.  My brother was a daredevil so this made sense. Flash forward 50 years, I'm sorting through the things they saved and realizing how little I know my parents.

Some of the items are things I recognize or that make sense from what I know of their lives.  Other items are complete mysteries. I found a necklace still in the jewelry box, not with mom's jewelry but in with her photos, newspaper clippings and old letters. No explanation and there probably won't ever be one.

My mom has dementia and one day mentioned that she couldn't remember how she and my dad met. I have no idea. As I go through their things, I keep searching for a clue. I thought I knew but realized that I had just assumed they met through some mutual friends. I found out I was wrong and I can't find anyone that knows how they met. It's sad to realize that I don't really know my parents. 

Even though your kids might not ask about your story, some day they will want to know it. Make sure you are recording not just their story as they grow but record your story. Create an album or journal about yourself. Put pages into a family album about your memories of the same type events that your family likes to do. (Ex. When you're journaling about the photos of your kids playing sports, talk about the sports you played when you were young.)

Journal about you.

Make sure to tell your story, I'm sure it's a good one.

Happy journaling, Karen