Sunday, January 31, 2016

3 Reasons to Throw Away Photos

I have always felt photos were sacred, a moment in time that can never be replaced.  I thought that a photo needed to be saved forever. However, I have come to realize that there are reasons to throw away photos. (GASP!)

3 of the small boxes of photos from my mom's house.
My mom has two 20 gallon totes and numerous boxes filled with photos still in the envelopes from the developer. It has become my task to sort and organize these photos. This process has made me look at my own photos differently.  If I'm going to scrap them, they are sorted and organized ready to scrap.  If I'm not going to scrap them they need a new home.  That new home may need to be the trash can!

Here Are 3 Reasons to Throw Away Photos

1. You have no clue when, where, or who is in the picture. (These are typically pictures of scenery on a trip and you don't know which trip.)

2. The photos are of an event or activity that only you participated in and it no longer is important to you.  (Ex. I was a teacher for 22 years and took photos of my classes over those years. I chose the most important photos and tossed the rest. They're not something my family will ever care to look at.)

3. Photos you're not going to scrapbook or put into a photo album need a new home. Keep a digital copy and any negatives, then gift the photo to someone else.  If nobody wants it, throw it out. If your family/friends don't want the photos now they will not want to sort them later. Don't leave that task for your family to handle in the future. Toss them out.

I know it'll be hard but you can do it, good luck, Karen

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Big Winner Is ....


Dora is the winner of this stamp set. Her ticket was the winning ticket for my January contest. Dora is actually waiting for me to deliver her most recent order. So I will deliver the stamp set to Dora with her order. Congratulations Dora!

Keep following my posts, I'll do another contest in a month or two.

Happy crafting everybody, Karen

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New CTMH Seasonal Catolog

I can't believe I forgot to post this.  The new catalog came out on the first. Click on it and you can see all the goodies on my shopping page. Click products and you'll see this catalog with all its new items.  Of course you can still shop for anything from the annual catalog. Place an order and get the new catalog for free.  
My favorite new item.

Make sure you join the January Winner group, I'll pick the winner in 2 days.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Win A Free Stamp Set

You could be the Winner! 

I already posted about the free stamp set I'm giving away but it was at the bottom of another post so I wanted to make sure nobody missed it so here it is again.

Win This Stamp Set!!!
Sign into my CTMH site, join the group "January Winner", and spend $25. For every $25 that you spend, your name will be put into the raffle. So $50 would get two tickets, etc. On Jan 30, 2016, I will pick a winner, announce it on my blog and ship it to you!

January Stamp of the Month
If you spend $50, you also qualify to purchase this stamp of the month set for only $5.

Seasonal catalog
Any size order will qualify for the new Seasonal catalog so don't forget to check that box.

I'm excited to see who the winner will be!
Happy crafting, Karen

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why Do We Scrapbook

Hi everybody I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted. I started this blog talking about my original scrapbooks. If you remember there were no photos in my first scrapbook and in my second scrapbook I thought I was being bold combining photos with my memorabilia. Times have changed and when we talk about scrapbooking we are talking about photos, journaling, memorabilia and our own creativity all combined onto the page. Just as what I put in a scrapbook has changed, my reason for scrapbooking has also changed. Since my very first scrapbook, my main goal has been to have a way to hold on to moments of time that I want to remember. However, I now have so many more reasons that I scrapbook.
In 1997, started adding creative touches to my pages.

I have discovered that scrapbooking also:
1. Allows me to be creative but not feel guilty that I'm wasting time.
2. Has taught me the importance of making time for myself.
3. Has introduced me to some awesome friends.
4. Has branched into card making and other paper crafts.
5. Makes me happy.

I admit that I am the world's slowest scrapper. I used to get stressed about how far behind I was. I've learned to stop making this a job and enjoy it as a hobby (ok I still struggle with this).  I hope that if you are a scrapper you are enjoying it and if you are thinking about starting that you are doing it because you want a creative outlet and not because you feel obligated to do something with all the photos you have stored somewhere.

We spend a lot of time and money scrapbooking, take time to think about why you do it and share your reasons in the comments.  Also, keep coming back and you'll see more pages as I evolved as a scrapbooker mixed into my posts.

Talk to you again soon, Karen

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'll Be Back Soon

Hi, it's been over a week since I posted so I dropped in to let you know I haven't disappeared.  I have some business things keeping me tied up but I am working on the next post in my spare minutes.  I hope to have the next post up by this weekend.  It'd be really great if you leave a comment letting me know what paper crafting topics you'd like to hear about.

Thanks for your patience, Karen

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Today Is My Two Month Anniversary Of Posting To This Blog

Two months ago today (January 5, 2016), I posted my first blog.  

I'm celebrating by posting 2 blogs today plus this little pat on my own back.

Hope everyone has had a great start to 2016, Karen

Scrapbooking Layout Challenge

Do you ever see those challenges where you have to make a layout using a specific item, sketch or topic?

The strips are an inch tall.  These are old Sticko stickers.
They intrigue me but I don't feel creative enough to participate and I don't want to put that stress on myself.  Not because I'm competitive and need to win but because I'm afraid to be compared to other entries.

Instead I Challenge Myself

I give myself challenges to make pages using a specific product or tool.  I like to do this with my older supplies or tools.  It's a great way to use up old stash.

It's satisfying to meet my own challenges and I get the bonus of saving some cash by shopping my stash.  They might not be my favorite layout but they usually make me think outside the box.

Recently, my challenge was some small fireman themed stickers on a layout about a visit to a fire station.  After I finished, a friend gave me a great compliment.  She told me she thought I'd never pull off decent pages using those "old style" stickers and she was surprised they actually looked good.
I also added in a layered laser die cut that was newer.

Give yourself a challenge and leave a comment letting us know where we can see your personal challenge layouts, Karen

CTMH Planner Pages On Sale Now!

 See Close To My Heart's blog about this beautiful planner.
Click on planner to see Close To My Heart's Latest blog about the new planners.
50% Off Right Now on Planner Pages

These are the brand new just released last month planner pages.  Even if you already have a planner check this out because I'm using mine as a journal and it's working great if you just want to take a few notes so you can journal in your scrapbooks when you get time to do the layouts later.

Click on my name if you want one now, happy planning/journaling, Karen

Friday, January 1, 2016

Pocket Page Scrapbooking Special Set

This month is National Papercrafting Month and CTMH is celebrating it with a Picture My Life Special!

If you are a pocket page scrapper or like me planning on starting one, this is a great set to use. It's perfect for the beginning of a new year because it has cards for every month of the year. 

You can get this Live Your Day set, other picture my life sets, pocket page protectors, albums and more at my CTMH site.

This is the stamp set you can win! Goes great with the Live Your Day pocket scrapbook set.

For A Chance To Win A Free Stamp Set 

Sign into my CTMH site, join the group "January Winner", and spend $25. For every $25 that you spend, your name will be put into the raffle. So $50 would get two tickets, etc. On Jan 30, 2016, I will pick a winner, announce it on my blog and ship it to you!
If you spend $50, you also qualify to purchase the stamp of the month. 
Any size order will qualify for the new Seasonal catalog so don't forget to check that box.

I'm excited to see who the winner will be!  Happy crafting, Karen