Monday, December 5, 2016

Share Your Story

Don't make your life a mystery.
Do your kids know your story? I remember as a kid, my dad talking about the things he did as a boy and my mom shushing him. She would tell him don't give us any ideas.  My brother was a daredevil so this made sense. Flash forward 50 years, I'm sorting through the things they saved and realizing how little I know my parents.

Some of the items are things I recognize or that make sense from what I know of their lives.  Other items are complete mysteries. I found a necklace still in the jewelry box, not with mom's jewelry but in with her photos, newspaper clippings and old letters. No explanation and there probably won't ever be one.

My mom has dementia and one day mentioned that she couldn't remember how she and my dad met. I have no idea. As I go through their things, I keep searching for a clue. I thought I knew but realized that I had just assumed they met through some mutual friends. I found out I was wrong and I can't find anyone that knows how they met. It's sad to realize that I don't really know my parents. 

Even though your kids might not ask about your story, some day they will want to know it. Make sure you are recording not just their story as they grow but record your story. Create an album or journal about yourself. Put pages into a family album about your memories of the same type events that your family likes to do. (Ex. When you're journaling about the photos of your kids playing sports, talk about the sports you played when you were young.)

Journal about you.

Make sure to tell your story, I'm sure it's a good one.

Happy journaling, Karen

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Quick and Easy Double Page Scrapbook Layout for 4x6 Photos

School Themed Layout

School Themed Layout Using CTMH Memo Fundamentals

CTMH Memo Fundamentals

Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I love the CTMH Memo Fundamentals paper kit and thought it would be perfect for a school themed layout.

Use the supply list from below (pictured here) or choose your own papers to follow these easy directions.

Adventure Fundamentals paper kit
1. Use 2 sheets of the lined paper as the page bases.
2. Cut 2 5x12 pieces from the heart print and glue each to the top of one of the bases.
3. Cut 2 13inch pieces of ribbon and glue each on the seams where the heart print meets the memo paper.
4. Cut 6 4 1/2x6 1/2 mattes from the Kraft Cardstock place according to photo.
5. Cut a 2x3 piece of Kraft Cardstock and cut one end to create a fishtail pennant shape. Place according to picture. Layer on embellishments as desired.
6. Add other embellishments as desired. The two blue ones on the top banner were made with Cricut.
7. Journal directly on the lined paper.

Kraft Cardstock

The result is a perfect school themed layout. This layout is so easy you can copy it for any theme. Copy my layout exactly or pick another paper kit and make this layout your own. (Disclaimer: I've used this layout so many times in my 20 years of scrapping. I don't remember if I came up with it or
copied along the way. It's probably a compilation of layouts.)

Supplies I used are all from Close To My Heart and will be available until July 2017.

Supply List:

Adventure Ribbon Pack
Memo Fundamentals paper kit Z3294
Adventure Fundamentals paper kit Z3253
Kraft Cardstock Z1375
Adventure Ribbon Pack Z3286
School K-6 Complements Z3265
CTMH Cricut cartridge Z3167
School K-6 Complements

What will you make with this layout? Copy it exactly or change it up? I'd love to see what you come up with, please post your version here or tell us where we can find it.

Happy scrapping, Karen

Go to my post Scrapbook Layout for School Portraits to see another layout using CTMH Memo Fundamentals and the School K-6 Complement set.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Scrapbook Layout for School Portraits

Make It Monday

School Photo Layout

Here's what I did with my son's school photos that I rescued from an old album.

The album did not use acid free paper and worse the page protectors weren't PVC free. People don't talk about PVC free much anymore because most companies are making their items PVC free. Thirty years ago when I made my son's album, I hadn't heard of PVC or acid free.

Sadly, I noticed the pictures were fading. Then 20 years ago the scrapbook industry was booming and acid and PVC free were huge topics. I realized these were probably causing my son's fading photos and took the pictures out of the album. I used photo corners so the pictures came out easily.

Fast forward 20 years and I'm finally making new pages to put into his album. I've also replaced all the page protectors with PVC free.

I originally made the album using a notebook so it holds 8.5x11 inch pages. I wanted my pages to each be different but have the same basic layout. I used CTMH's Memo and Enchantment Fundamentals papers. I also used both the School K-6 and 7-12 complements. For the mattes, I used coordinating Enchantment cardstock. You could use any coordinating papers to get the same idea. For my daughter, I plan on using the Adventure Fundamentals but I'll use my Cricut to make my own embellishments.

The pages are fairly simple. I wanted to get the project done in a short amount of time but still look nice. Also, this was my first time layering embellishments and so I kept them simple too.  He's a grown adult now. He's not going to want anything that looks cutesy. I think he'll like this.

You can find more of the pages on my pinterest board Pages With Heart. Hop on over and take a look, maybe you'll be inspired to make an album for each of your children's school photos.

Happy Crafting, Karen

Thursday, November 10, 2016

How I Tackled A Pocket Page Problem

In my previous post Taking The Plunge, I planned to start pocket page scrapbooking in the hopes of getting pages completed more quickly. After attempting to scrapbook a few family events with this type of scrapbook layouts, I was frustrated. I hated the way the pages looked. They seemed so cluttered with all the different colors showing through. Click Pocket Page Problem to see my example.

Left Page of layout
I received some helpful advice in the comments to my Pocket Page Problem. I also asked my scrapbooking friends what they do. I decided to try it again but this time I used my original plan of mixing the two types of pages together in one layout. I used a regular two page layout, then placed the pocket pages between the pages of the layout. I like how these turned out. They would be even better if I had planned them so that the pocket pages were more integrated into the layout. I'll try that next time.

Left Page with the Pocket Page On Top
When I did the first page I was planning on using a 12x12 only which is why I didn't coordinate all of it to look like one layout regardless of which side the pockets were turned. By the time I did the second 12x12 layout, I had decided to go with the 6x12 pocket page protector from CTMH. So this side looks like the pocket page is part of the layout.

Right Page with the Pocket Page On Top

Right Page of Two Page Layout

Notes about my layouts: Everything you see is a CTMH product. However, this paper kit has expired. I have clearly not finished the layout, the card needs journaling and I originally planned this to be a layout without pocket pages so I left a big area on the right page for journaling. Since I'll journal on the card, I'll add some small pictures on the right page. I don't remember where I got the idea for this layout but I know it's not mine. I'm a HUGE scraplifter.

In my previous post, I used the term hybrid when I mentioned mixing up my pages. I realized that most scrapbookers use that term for pages that are a combination of digital and paper/embellishments. So I've decided to label this combined page style Mixed Pages Scrapbooking.

I hope you'll join me in mixing up your pages and post them here in the comments.
Happy Scrapping, Karen

Friday, October 7, 2016

Oh Where, Oh Where, Did The Blogger Go?

I thought that I had planned and prepared myself so well before I started blogging so I wouldn't be one of those bloggers that showed up and then quickly disappeared. I had a long list of post ideas ready to go and I was excited!

What I didn't realize is that I am very wordy and I have to edit, reedit and revise multiple times to keep from writing an essay or even a thesis. Apparently in school, I just didn't like the topics enough because I could never find enough to write back then:) To my surprise, blogging began taking up a huge chunk of my time.

In March, I had so many family obligations. On top of all the regular things families do, I was trying to do our personal taxes and prepare my parent's tax info for the accountant. We had so much going on that I was going back to being a stressed out witch.  I had left my job the summer before so I wouldn't be that woman and I couldn't go back to being her. For the sake of my family, I left my blog cold turkey.

It was very hard. I missed the outlet of blogging.  I had become hooked. I continued to be on other social media outlets (probably too often) but I really wanted to blog.  I kept saying next month I'll be caught up and I can start again:) It just didn't happen.

The last time I posted was 7 months ago today. Time is still an issue for me. (I agreed to long term sub for a private school that needed a sub at the last minute.) I may not be able to blog even weekly but I'm determined to get posting again.

Do you have any topics you'd like to hear about from a veteran scrapper/papercrafter? Reply here and I'll work those in to my still long list of topics. 

I'm Back!

Don't forget to check out my social media sites. I'm on them a lot so I'd love to hear from you or have you follow/like me. (I'm a social media newbie so those words sound so strange as I type them.)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Easy Easter Card Layout

Make It Monday

In honor of my blogs 4 month birthday this weekend, I'm adding a new feature, Make It Monday.  I hope to have this every week but like the Friday Featured Product it might not always happen.

Since this month is Stampaganza, I'm going to use stamps in each Monday's project this month.

Here is a very simple Easter Card using CTMH's Spring Critters stamp.

Directions are for a 4.25wx5.5h card but easy to enlarge and have more space around the bunny.

  1. White Card Base 4.25x5.5
  2. Two coordinating pieces of paper, I used prints from CTMH's Penelope Paper Packet
  3. Top piece measures 4.25x2.5
  4. Bottom piece measures 4.25x3
  5. Glue the 2 pieces to the card base and cover the seam with your choice of ribbon, washii tape, or Shimmer Trim
  6. Cut a 2.5x2.5 square of white cardstock
  7. Turn it diagonal and stamp image. After it dries color it with your favorite coloring tool.  For this one I used Pastel Chalk Pencils.
  8. Cut a coordinating color of cardstock in a 2.75x2.75 square.
  9. Mount stamped image on cardstock and mount the whole thing on the strip of ribbon, washii tape or Shimmer Trim.
I will add some sequins or glitter dots to this later. I usually add these details once I know who the recipient will be. Depends on if the card needs mailed and if I think it will end up in the trash quickly.

Happy Crafting, Karen

Friday, March 4, 2016

Close To My Heart's Acrylic Stamps

Friday Featured Product

How is it Friday already? I can't believe I'm asking that, 6 months ago with a full time job it seemed like it took forever to get to Friday.  Now I'm working from home, loving being able to spend more time with my little one and can't believe how fast Fridays get here now that I started this weekly feature.

Back to paper crafting and the Friday Featured Product for today. This week I'm featuring CTMH's My Acrylic Stamps since this month is Stampaganza.

3 of my favorite sets are shown here. I also included a card I made with the March stamp of the month. There's a large variety of stamp sets on my CTMH web site. 

Share where we can find any projects you've made with a CTMH stamp set by leaving a comment. You can also find samples I've collected on my Pinterest board.

Happy crafting and enjoy your weekend, Karen

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pocket Page Problem

I discovered that I have one huge problem with pocket page scrapbooking. It's visually too cluttered for me.  I like white space on my pages and I use idea books or sketches to make myself mix patterns.  Even without embellishments or journaling my pocket pages seem "too busy" visually.

It got worse when I put the pages in an album and realized that you can see through the clear borders around the pockets. This is so distracting that I won't continue my hybrid plan until I find a way to make the pages less "busy".

If you are a pocket page scrapbooker, please help, tell me if you:

  1. Don't see any clutter (you're wondering what I'm writing about)
  2. Notice but don't care (you like the ease or speed of this style so it's worth it)
  3. Have found a solution for the clutter (Please Share Your Solution)

Thank you for your help, Karen

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Close To My Heart's Stampaganza March 2016

Buy 2 Stamp Sets Get the 3rd Set Free

See flyer from Close To My Heart for the details but this is an awesome sale.  Also, if you spend $50 remember you qualify for the Stamp of the Month.  It's such a cute spring themed stamp set this month. Click on the shop tab to see all the available stamps. Now is the time to stock up. Close To My Heart is not continuing most of the stamp sets when the new annual catalog comes out. While this means there will be lots of fresh new stamps to choose from, it also means the ones in the current catalogs will be gone soon. Happy shopping, Karen

Monday, February 29, 2016

Taking The Plunge

In my post Mix It Up, I told you I'm ready to take the plunge into pocket page scrapping by making a hybrid album.  

This weekend I started. Here's what I discovered:
  1. I need a bigger variety of cards, some more colors, my limited color choices was the hardest part of the process.
  1. I prefer cards that have same design on both sides so I can choose horizontal or vertical as needed.
  1. Need to print smaller photos, mine are hard to crop because I do a lot of close ups.
  1. Cards work great as embellishments don't need a lot of other supplies so this is a good choice for cropping on the go or when I have just a few minutes to scrap.
  1. Discovered that the card sets fit into my Iris photo holder boxes which fit into my medium CTMH storage box. I transferred the label from the package right onto the photo box.
  1. In my storage box, I put photos, cards, CTMH Shimmer Trim, roller stamps and some ink pads (black and a few colors to match the cards), a corner rounder, journaling pen and a few embellishments. Perfect scrapping on the go kit.
  1. Have to have the page protectors as I scrap which is new experience for me.
  1. I rarely journal by hand but pocket pages seem to call for hand journaling.

CTMH's Medium Organizer
I enjoyed that the process was quick and it was easy to get 8 4x6 photos on a 2 page spread. However, I discovered several things I don't like about the pocket pages.  This may be enough to keep me from going forward with this plan.  I'll share my issue with pocket page scrapping on my next post on Wednesday and maybe those of you that already scrap this way can help me with my problem.  
CTMH Love Your Selfie in Iris Photo Box

Happy Crafting, Karen

Friday, February 26, 2016

Pocket Scrapbooking Card Sets

Friday Featured Product

Since I'm starting a hybrid album using pocket pages in my album, I thought I would feature.....

CTMH's Picture My Life collections this week. 

So many of the sets were so irresistible that I've been collecting them for years.  I decided it's time to start actually using my stash of these cards. Can't just be a collector, right?

Just 3 of the sets that are available are shown here. I've also pinned some sample layouts and cards that use Picture My Life on Pinterest.

Don't forget to click the shop tab if you like the sets as well as I do.

Have a great weekend and happy crafting, Karen

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mix It Up

In 2007, I made a vacation scrapbook that was a mix of full page layouts and 4x6 pocket pages.  It was a great way to scrap about 1000 pictures from a trip in a reasonable amount of time. I've always wanted to do more albums using this hybrid technique.

In the past few years, the variety of pocket page protectors has grown with the popularity of pocket page scrapbooking.  My interest in trying hybrid albums kept growing and I started collecting some of the cards and page protectors.  Last month, I couldn't resist the new cards that CTMH had and thought I'd use them in my journal.  Silly idea because I don't like making mini-albums so now it's time to take the plunge.

I've barely started my 2015 pics so I decided to make a hybrid album for last year.  I'm going to mix my usual 2 page layouts with pocket pages.  Some layouts will be only full page spreads, some will be only pocket pages, and some will be a combo.  I'm really excited to get started but I'm one of those people that has to research things before I jump in.  I found a post from Noell Hyman at  She shows how to mix up different pocket pages with full page layouts. She even uses different size pages in her books.

Noell has inspired me to get my hybrid album going and try to get through a whole year in less than my usual 2 or 3 years. Really, should scrapping the memories take longer than actually living them?

I love comments and would especially love to hear from anyone that's already making mixed page type albums. You're welcome to leave info about your paper crafting blogs or Facebook pages too. Happy paper crafting, Karen

Friday, February 19, 2016

Quick and Easy Embellishment for Scrapbooking

Sparkly Shimmer Trim

I haven't posted much about CTMH products except for our sales and specials.  I've been planning to blog about some of my favorite CTMH products so I decided it was time to start. I try not to make promises in case I can't follow through but I'm going to try to make this a regular feature each week.  I will feature a CTMH product each Friday that I like to use. And the first one is ……
I also have purple and want dk blue.

Shimmer Trim.  It's only $4.95 comes in 13 colors and is so easy to use because it is self-adhesive.  I am not a fan of bling but my daughter loves everything that sparkles even rocks.  (She collects rocks that sparkle.)  So of course I have to add some sparkle and CTMH's shimmer trim is perfect.  It gives just a little sparkle to the page, card or any project without a lot of mess.

I, who never uses bling and only wears a couple of pieces of very simple jewelry have bought over half of the colors available.  It really is easy to use and not over done.

See projects made with shimmer trim on my pinterest board. There's even a video from Close To My Heart on how to use the trim.

Try a roll and you might be hooked. Click here to get Shimmer Trim. 

Happy crafting, Karen

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Old Photos, Slides, and Negatives

In the last post, I linked to a post 8 Steps To Organized Photos. Step 4 talks about digitizing some of your older photos and step 6 says to get old slides and negatives stored properly.  I suggest you get them digitized also.  I have found that flatbed scanners and all in one printer/scanners can easily scan photos. It takes time but some photos are worth it.  You'd also be surprised at the details you can see.  I scanned a very small photo of my dad and his brother to discover that they were holding gliders in their hands.  It was a fun discovery.

Detailed CNet article on photo scanning.
I have not found using a flatbed or all in one to work well with slides or negatives even though in both cases they said that they would.  The all in one actually had a special holder for the purpose but it just didn't seem the quality was worth the time.  I eventually bought a scanner that was designed just for slides and negatives.  I only paid $99 at a big chain store but the quality was pretty good.  I did have to spend a lot of time with adjustments and the scan time was really slow.  I have also used a send away service.  This was much pricier and the one I used was very slow.  (Months)  There are now better slide/film scanners that don't have to be hooked up to a computer while you're scanning and it seems like more companies are available for scanning.  I would suggest checking the reviews, cost, and pick which option works for you, scan your own or pay someone else. 

You have to decide how important those old pictures are to you but know that the longer you wait the more degraded the pictures, slides, and film are getting.

I hope you make some fun discoveries as you organize and store your photos, Karen

Sunday, February 14, 2016

8 Steps to Organized Photos

Click on photo to see the post.
Since I've been writing about photos lately, I'm going to continue with that theme.  I recommend you follow the 8 steps in this post from Home Storage Solutions 101 to organize your photos. 

If you have old slides or negatives, like I inherited, make sure you check out step 6.  I've already started this process.

Step 7 addresses having backups which I mentioned in my last blog but it also talks about making a book. I make books of our vacations rather than scrapping those but I think I want to try the idea of an annual year in review using photos that didn't get chosen to be on my scrapbook pages. The books are easy to make and I'm always getting offers for heavily discounted books so next time I get a discount I'll start my year in review books.

If you haven't started organizing your photos, take it from someone who is going through decades of her parent's photos and get started now.  Please don't leave this task to your family to do. 

Spend some time going down memory lane and sort, toss, and backup those photos. You might find some you forgot all about.  
What a wonderful surprise that will be, enjoy, Karen

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

1 Scrapbook Mistake You Should Never Make

Get a group of scrapbookers working on pages and you'll hear someone say "there are no mistakes in scrapbooking".  While I have always agreed that we each are unique and our pages should be unique, I discovered that there is 1 HORRIBLE mistake that scrappers can make.

I've had friends make this mistake and I just couldn't believe that they did this. But then, I did it too!!!  I knew better but I made the 1 scrapbook mistake you should never make.  I didn't back up my digital photos. 

In a hurry to get to a crop vacation, I downloaded almost a year of photos from my cameras directly onto my external hard drive.  I usually put them on my computer and use the external as back up.  I thought I could wait a week and back them up when I got home. I took the hard drive with me to make an online digital photo book.  Sure enough, at the crop, I knocked the hard drive off the table.  Killed my hard drive with no back up of nearly a year's worth of photos.

I consider myself lucky and stu***.  Lucky that it wasn't my only copy of all my photos but stu*** because I knew better.

Don't make this mistake, make sure you have at least two copies. If you have an automated back up, check frequently that it is actually working.  Several friends discovered to late that theirs stopped working.

I bought a new external hard drive and have my photos on it and on my desktop.  I also put all my photos on an online printing service website. I then printed DVD's of all the years and continue to make a copy for each year. This gives me a total of 4 places that I have my photos stored.  Because we live in So Cal where earthquakes and fires are reality, I keep the DVDs in our safety deposit box.

We scrapbook to document memories and family history.  We can't possibly scrapbook all our photos nor guarantee our books will last forever so it's important that we protect our photos as best we can.  Don't make the Mistake of not protecting those digital images.

Be careful and have fun, Karen

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Operation Smile

Click on pic to purchase.

Help children all over the world to smile by buying this stamp set.

Close To My Heart has supported Operation Smile for years.  This cute stamp set is available this month only and $7 of the cost will be donated to Operation Smile.

Click to see Jeanette's blog

Click to see Monica's blog
Please check out the 2 blog posts that I've linked to the pictures of the authors to learn more about CTMH's mission to help bring smiles to children and their parents.

Click on pic to purchase

You can also help by purchasing this cute stamp.  Isn't it a good day when you can get yourself a little something and put a smile on a child's face doing it?

I would love for you to purchase these stamp sets from me but if you already have a CTMH consultant please contact them.  You can also find a consultant closer to your home by going to the Close to my Heart website and searching for a consultant by putting in your city and state.

Please #ctmhsharethelove, Karen

Sunday, January 31, 2016

3 Reasons to Throw Away Photos

I have always felt photos were sacred, a moment in time that can never be replaced.  I thought that a photo needed to be saved forever. However, I have come to realize that there are reasons to throw away photos. (GASP!)

3 of the small boxes of photos from my mom's house.
My mom has two 20 gallon totes and numerous boxes filled with photos still in the envelopes from the developer. It has become my task to sort and organize these photos. This process has made me look at my own photos differently.  If I'm going to scrap them, they are sorted and organized ready to scrap.  If I'm not going to scrap them they need a new home.  That new home may need to be the trash can!

Here Are 3 Reasons to Throw Away Photos

1. You have no clue when, where, or who is in the picture. (These are typically pictures of scenery on a trip and you don't know which trip.)

2. The photos are of an event or activity that only you participated in and it no longer is important to you.  (Ex. I was a teacher for 22 years and took photos of my classes over those years. I chose the most important photos and tossed the rest. They're not something my family will ever care to look at.)

3. Photos you're not going to scrapbook or put into a photo album need a new home. Keep a digital copy and any negatives, then gift the photo to someone else.  If nobody wants it, throw it out. If your family/friends don't want the photos now they will not want to sort them later. Don't leave that task for your family to handle in the future. Toss them out.

I know it'll be hard but you can do it, good luck, Karen

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Big Winner Is ....


Dora is the winner of this stamp set. Her ticket was the winning ticket for my January contest. Dora is actually waiting for me to deliver her most recent order. So I will deliver the stamp set to Dora with her order. Congratulations Dora!

Keep following my posts, I'll do another contest in a month or two.

Happy crafting everybody, Karen

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New CTMH Seasonal Catolog

I can't believe I forgot to post this.  The new catalog came out on the first. Click on it and you can see all the goodies on my shopping page. Click products and you'll see this catalog with all its new items.  Of course you can still shop for anything from the annual catalog. Place an order and get the new catalog for free.  
My favorite new item.

Make sure you join the January Winner group, I'll pick the winner in 2 days.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Win A Free Stamp Set

You could be the Winner! 

I already posted about the free stamp set I'm giving away but it was at the bottom of another post so I wanted to make sure nobody missed it so here it is again.

Win This Stamp Set!!!
Sign into my CTMH site, join the group "January Winner", and spend $25. For every $25 that you spend, your name will be put into the raffle. So $50 would get two tickets, etc. On Jan 30, 2016, I will pick a winner, announce it on my blog and ship it to you!

January Stamp of the Month
If you spend $50, you also qualify to purchase this stamp of the month set for only $5.

Seasonal catalog
Any size order will qualify for the new Seasonal catalog so don't forget to check that box.

I'm excited to see who the winner will be!
Happy crafting, Karen

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why Do We Scrapbook

Hi everybody I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted. I started this blog talking about my original scrapbooks. If you remember there were no photos in my first scrapbook and in my second scrapbook I thought I was being bold combining photos with my memorabilia. Times have changed and when we talk about scrapbooking we are talking about photos, journaling, memorabilia and our own creativity all combined onto the page. Just as what I put in a scrapbook has changed, my reason for scrapbooking has also changed. Since my very first scrapbook, my main goal has been to have a way to hold on to moments of time that I want to remember. However, I now have so many more reasons that I scrapbook.
In 1997, started adding creative touches to my pages.

I have discovered that scrapbooking also:
1. Allows me to be creative but not feel guilty that I'm wasting time.
2. Has taught me the importance of making time for myself.
3. Has introduced me to some awesome friends.
4. Has branched into card making and other paper crafts.
5. Makes me happy.

I admit that I am the world's slowest scrapper. I used to get stressed about how far behind I was. I've learned to stop making this a job and enjoy it as a hobby (ok I still struggle with this).  I hope that if you are a scrapper you are enjoying it and if you are thinking about starting that you are doing it because you want a creative outlet and not because you feel obligated to do something with all the photos you have stored somewhere.

We spend a lot of time and money scrapbooking, take time to think about why you do it and share your reasons in the comments.  Also, keep coming back and you'll see more pages as I evolved as a scrapbooker mixed into my posts.

Talk to you again soon, Karen

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'll Be Back Soon

Hi, it's been over a week since I posted so I dropped in to let you know I haven't disappeared.  I have some business things keeping me tied up but I am working on the next post in my spare minutes.  I hope to have the next post up by this weekend.  It'd be really great if you leave a comment letting me know what paper crafting topics you'd like to hear about.

Thanks for your patience, Karen

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Today Is My Two Month Anniversary Of Posting To This Blog

Two months ago today (January 5, 2016), I posted my first blog.  

I'm celebrating by posting 2 blogs today plus this little pat on my own back.

Hope everyone has had a great start to 2016, Karen

Scrapbooking Layout Challenge

Do you ever see those challenges where you have to make a layout using a specific item, sketch or topic?

The strips are an inch tall.  These are old Sticko stickers.
They intrigue me but I don't feel creative enough to participate and I don't want to put that stress on myself.  Not because I'm competitive and need to win but because I'm afraid to be compared to other entries.

Instead I Challenge Myself

I give myself challenges to make pages using a specific product or tool.  I like to do this with my older supplies or tools.  It's a great way to use up old stash.

It's satisfying to meet my own challenges and I get the bonus of saving some cash by shopping my stash.  They might not be my favorite layout but they usually make me think outside the box.

Recently, my challenge was some small fireman themed stickers on a layout about a visit to a fire station.  After I finished, a friend gave me a great compliment.  She told me she thought I'd never pull off decent pages using those "old style" stickers and she was surprised they actually looked good.
I also added in a layered laser die cut that was newer.

Give yourself a challenge and leave a comment letting us know where we can see your personal challenge layouts, Karen