Sunday, June 25, 2017

Are Printed Photographs Obsolete?

Photos bring memories to life.
My son and his wife don't print their photos. They upload them to a webpage that they can share with friends and family. Great way to share with a lot of people but what happens one day when the internet becomes obsolete or their webpage is hacked? I know so many that say they don't need to print photos, they have them handy wherever they go on their phones. Have they never had a phone die on them or their cloud account get too full?

We have this marvelous tool called a camera to record our history yet how many of today's photos will disappear as technology changes?

I found an article which expresses my feelings about not printing photos better than I can. Please check out what Mike Yost has to say.

Photos help us to remember.
I admit I don't print all of my photos. I take to many, storage would become an issue. However, if I care enough to take pictures of something, then I care enough to print and scrapbook at least some of the photos from that moment in time. What do you do with your photos? Do you print them?